Thursday, December 13, 2007

What Coffee Personality are You?

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I took a little coffee quiz that is supposed to tell you about your personality based on how you take your coffee. I'm tempted to go back and do my "alter" coffee choice - the "evening" version - minus caffeine, and see how that one turns out. For those of you who know me, do you think this is me?

What Your Latte Says About You

You don't treat yourself very often. You find that indulging doesn't jibe with your very disciplined life.

You can be quite silly at times, but you know when to buckle down and be serious.

You have a good deal of energy, but you pace yourself. You never burn out too fast.

You're addicted to caffeine. There's no denying it.

You are responsible, mature, and truly an adult. You're occasionally playful, but you find it hard to be carefree.

You are honest and genuine, but you are never tactless.

1 comment:

  1. Hmm. I dont know. Maybe go back and alter it. I'm curious which "description" is more you.


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