Tuesday, December 11, 2007

For "Really"

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Zachary and McKenna were playing together the other day and at some point during their play we heard them talking to each other about killing each other (why, oh, why must this happen?).

Since we were in our bedroom folding laundry, Rick raced out of the room to deal with it right away and I heard him telling the kids that we don't talk about killing, even though we are pretending.

Zachary's answer: (and I could picture him patting Rick's arm as he said this)...It's ok, Dad. We're playing for really.

(So it's not ok if it's pretend, but it is ok if it's for real. He's grasping this well, isn't he?).


To get more in the Christmas spirit, be sure to check out the video I posted of Laurianna and McKenna in our church's Christmas program yesterday - click here. I'm not proud or anything!


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  1. Very cute. I love to hear kids sing.

  2. Playing for pretend or for really... too cute! Love it!

  3. What is it with the killing? Man o man!

    That made me laugh out loud!

  4. Yep. My girls "kill" every day. They love to be hunters! :)


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