Sunday, December 9, 2007

Last Year this time...

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We were trying to get everyone sitting "just so" for our Christmas picture...which of course was edited. But memories are fun, so just a glimpse back a year ago into our house...


  1. Okay, come on!! You're not telling the whole story. Tell your blogging fans just what you guys did to get them to all laugh/smile. ;)

    and just what will it take THIS year...? hee hee

  2. ok, yes now I am curious. What DID you do? :)

  3. Well, we obviously didn't need any help having our children act it didn't apply to this particular picture, but in order to get the three children smiling and all looking in the direction of the camera Rick stood right behind me and pretended to lick my neck. The kids obviously thought this was hysterical, so we got lots of smiles!


  4. That is too funny!!! I don't know if I dare tell my husband about it though. He might want to go another round of Christmas pictures just to try it out. :) hahaha


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