Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Dirt is protein, right?

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Left Kaleb alone today for a few minutes. Happily so. He crawled into the living room after about 5 minutes and his face was covered in black stuff. Zachary followed him in saying, "Kaleb ate chocolate!" What?

It took a few minutes to realize that it is no longer safe to let him play in my room. I forgot we moved a plant in there for the Christmas season.

This is what I found in my room.

But technically, if I remember correctly, dirt is a protein, so that means that Kaleb got his recommended daily allowance of protein.


On a side note: About 15 minutes after I posted this, Kaleb got REALLY funky - lethargic and just so not himself. I was seriously considering taking him to the ER (it was that bad) and I finally just prayed, "God, whatever it was - get it out of him now." To which he promptly turned over and threw up all over my kitchen. Again and again. And then got all perky on me. :)

I did call poison control too and talked to them. Apparently, there must have been something lovely in the dirt he ate. And in case you are wondering, peace lilies are toxic to kids and pets. Nice to know now.


  1. Ah yes, eating dirt. Nehemiah must have needed a lot of extra protein when he was younger. He loved to eat it, and go back for 2nd and 3rds. He'd dip his pacifier in it and then suck it all off.

  2. Dirt can be good for the immune system ... as long as it isn't laced with something toxic :) !!

  3. SO glad he's okay! What a scare that had to be.

    I'll be sending all my lilies to the neighbor's house.;-)

  4. Oh my!! Don't they keep you praying. Such innocence but so scary too!!! Glad all is well and now you know about those lovely plants too!! Sigh!

    Have a great day!

  5. Well thats learning the hard way. SO glad he is ok.

    I keep only fake plants in the house. I don't do well with live plants. :)


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