Wednesday, December 5, 2007

First Snow

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Last night (and this morning) we were under a snow "advisory". To those of us who grew up somewhere much farther north, translation is "it's going to look like someone sneezed snow". Around these here parts....schools close. People drive like maniacal idiots. Things come to a standstill. All for the possibility of 2 inches of snow.

Rick is from upstate NY where they get lake effect snow and I'm from Maine, so growing up we were used to the snow. So we laugh when we wake up and there is a dusting causing school delays.

We told the girls last night that there might be snow this morning. When they finally remembered and looked out the window, listening to them discover the little snow we had was rather comical.

Laur. e. ANNA!! Look outside! THERE'S SNOW!!!!!

And this is what all the excitement is about. And I am very serious when I say that some schools have already CLOSED today!!


  1. Seriously, you have not seen a snow freak-out until you have lived in Tidewater and the world comes to an end over the inch of snow they get every other year! LOL.

  2. I so agree! I couldn't believe it when I saw that schools were closed. BUT...get this...Jet said that people were sliding all over the interstate this morning b/c it was seriously slick. ??


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