Sunday, December 9, 2007

Shamelessly Bragging

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Today was our kids Christmas program at church and Laurianna (6) and McKenna (5) were both involved this year. And so I must post a video clip of the entire group singing the last song since both of my girls were part of that song (and Christin's girls too!).

If you are having trouble figuring out who is where...Laurianna is toward the left of the screen - right next to the angel (she's wearing a red shirt). She sings the first verse of Away in a Manger and also narrates a little bit during the song.

McKenna is the angel in the middle of the top row. Charis (Chistin's oldest) is next to McKenna - just to the right as you watch. Selah, a cow visiting the manger scene, is in the front row next to the right of the chicken. She is out in the pasture at the beginning of the song, due to a little potty break need, but she joins in about halfway through. *grins*

Yes, shamelessly bragging on our girls. :) Can you blame me?


  1. that was beautiful! I love watching kids programs. Your girls were great. Charis and Selah made me laugh. Christin do you have video too?

  2. This makes me miss everyone so much!

    They did such a beautiful job.

  3. SOOO Cute!! :D I was with Selah (potty break) while L. sang. I had NO idea she was that good of a singer. but then again, I suppose it IS in her blood.

    Yes, I do have video, but not in digital form. :(

  4. Yes! A SINGER!!! Not a surprise though! yes, singing, my favorite... those countless hours singing in college... :)
    way to go, Laurianna!



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