Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Happy Birthday to Heather!

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Our friend Heather (above left) had a birthday! And a significant one at that. 3-0. Thirty. Three decades. We celebrated with her and some of her family and other friends last night at one of her favorite local restaurants. Randy, her hubby (below), called us all together so that she could usher in this new era with all of us (and since we were all older, maybe it would make it seem less scary? (hee hee). And Randy, I saved the really good picture of you as ammo for future use. You just never know when those things can come back to haunt you.... *grins*.

I don't really recall a time in the last 4 years or so that Rick and I have ever taken all of our children out to a place that involved someone serving us (for real), involved taking an order and waiting for food. Golden Corral is about the closest that it's come. So that said, I think our children did remarkably well and am very proud of them. And I, being the mom that didn't think about this fact, didn't bring a stitch of ANYTHING to occupy my children in the restaurant. You'd think after 4 kids that perhaps something might have triggered in my brain. But no. Thankfully Heather came prepared to the max and the kids had stickers, magnets, and there was LOTS OF FREE BREAD.

And by lots I mean that Kaleb ate 4 pieces before dinner showed up (along with dropping a fork, knife or other object on the floor about 100 times) and McKenna we later found out (after only one bite of her hamburger) had eaten SEVEN. Yes. 7.

Back to the party.

Friends. Family. Food. Truly what more could you ask for? Gifts - yes, she had those too!. Lots of cards from all the kids and even the family dog. :) After we finished up at the restaurant, we headed back to our place for some cake and coffee so we could put 4 of the restless kiddos to bed....and hoard the sugar ourselves.

Before leaving the restaurant I had taken pictures of everyone else, and realized I wasn't in any of them, so decided to take some of myself. Yeah. Bright idea. Despite the fact that they are truly comical in nature and well worth deleting, I figured I should at least share them to prove that I did not send my husband out alone to dine with 4 children. I was there too. Hopefully this is not how I truly looked all evening. And I promised Heather that I would at least post them so everyone could have a good laugh.

Take 1:

Take 2:

So Heather - Happy Birthday again. May this year coming up be one filled with more fun, family and a deeper revelation of who God is. :) I'm praying that God will just knock your socks off and surprise you in so many amazing ways - because He's a God that likes to do that! Dig deeper into Him and let Him show you new things, especially His heart for you.

Love you, Heather!

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  1. Looks like fun.

    But I remember a time when you took your 4some to Cracker Barrel. I say this because they DID GREAT. So yay for the ****** family kids. ;)


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