Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I Know What I'm Getting for Christmas...

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It's Tiny Talk Tuesday again (so be sure to click on the graphic to see some other fun kid's talk at Mary's site). Mary is hosting a fun contest too for the holidays with some free cd's - so be sure to check it out!

I have quite a few to share this week, along with some video from the kids (asking some fun questions about Christmas).

Yesterday we were laying on the floor on our stomachs and McKenna said to Zachary: You have some long legs, Zachary."

Me: Where did you get your long legs?
Z: From God and Jesus.
Me: That's right.
Z: Yep. (Lifting his left leg a little) This one's from God (and lifting his right leg) and this one's from Jesus.

Our first night of Advent we lit the candle and Zachary was mesmerized by it. He just stared and then asked, "Why does the candle do (insert a bobble of his head slowly back and forth)?" We started laughing realizing he was asking why the flame flickers and just didn't know what word to use. :)


We were sitting down and Zachary was looking at my eyes and pointing to them, so we started talking about the parts of our eyes.

Me: The black part of your eye is called the pupil.
Z: Pupil.
Me: And the brown part of your eye is called the iris.
Z: Iris
Z: What's the white part called?
Me: Um.....I'm not sure.
Z: (thinking...and then making his hands into a sphere shape) I think it's called the earth (I think he meant a globe).


And now for the video portion (and hopefully this should work). We asked the kids what Rick should get me for Christmas and what I should get him. If you aren't understanding Zachary's answer, read my post on ballet a few posts back. :) It's rather comical listening to the kids' answers - and seeing the progression of answers as it goes up the line. If you can't quite understand what they are saying, let me know. But it's fun.

We asked them: Why do we have a Christmas tree? What should Daddy buy Mommy for Christmas? and What should Mommy buy Daddy for Christmas?


  1. Those answers are so darn cute.
    I just love the things that kids come up with. So you are going to get tights and jewelry and perfume and cake.
    And Dad is going to get tights, new pj's and a sports car. Wowzers a sports car.
    I asked both my kids those questions too and they came up with some funny ansers too.

  2. very cute. I love hearing the little ones talk, especially for Christmas! It's great having these conversations with our kids.

  3. That's cute! I bet if Daddy did get you tights and pajamas they would look nothing like what the kids are thinking! LOL! :)

  4. Laurianna sure has it down - how to win points with the gifts - gonna buy daddy a sports car?

    Love the boys wear tights.

    Oh - I need to vlog - loved that!

    These were all so cute. Loved the leg from Jesus and one from God.

  5. I liked Jodi's comment...about Rick's idea of pjs. She's got you guys pegged, eh? :D


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