Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Blur of Motion

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Christin and her girls came over yesterday to join our absolute household mayhem (it all seems to kick up a notch when you are PMSing). The kids were running wild (my kids, that is!) and the girls came over with ballet dresses in hand and a great video to "practice" with our kiddos. Since we all know Zachary loves ballet, he was quickly on hand too! Thank goodness for the $4 leggings from Target. :)

Many of the pictures I took are literally a blur of activity. Either the kids were moving THAT fast, or I just need to put the flash on. :) Christin was lovely enough to intervene in my girl's dress war as to "who gets to wear what leotard" and placed Laurianna in the 'teacher' role - and the teacher needs to wear the black leotard. That's it. Appeal to her firstborn, leader-of-the-pack, must be "in-charge" gene.

So, here are our kiddos intent on becoming the next world-renowned ballet dancers. And why, when he is the most active, is Zachary the LEAST blurry?


  1. Wow. You put a man in leotards and suddenly he stands still. Amazing. But I have to wonder. It is because he's so intent on dancing? intent on watching the pretty ballerinas? ;) or thinking "now if I move too quickly, with my balls get wedged?"

    hee hee

  2. Such sweet ballerinas! Sounds like they had fun AND you 2 got to visit. sweet.

    Christin... you had me rolling with wrong girl, so wrong.

  3. I really loved looking at your blog! Such adorable kids =) Thanks for sharing!!!


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