Saturday, December 1, 2007

Eight Random Things...

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Christin posted 8 random things about herself and I KNOW she meant to "tag" me, but apparently the tag got lost in cyberspace somewhere. So, I am picking up the proverbial slack and posting my own to share.

In no particular order:

1. I have been known to work under the hood of a car. I am a closet mechanic. *grins* Rather than paying an astronomical amount for a new part for my old car, I would scrounge around local junkyards for a used alternator (or other car part) and replace it myself. And I don't know exactly HOW I did it - but it worked, so that's all that's important, I suppose.

2. I do not like beef (as in steak) on a salad. I can do a taco salad, but steak on a salad literally makes me sick to my stomach. Go figure. I love steak. Love salads, but never the two shall meet.

3. I met Corrie Ten Boom. Granted, I was only one, but I met her. My mom was one of her secretaries and when we went to Holland to visit my mom's family, we also went to visit her. So, therein is my "claim to fame." That, and I was Sara Groves RA - went to college with her, had many classes with her, served on the college Activities Board with her - amazingly talented woman she is.

4. I hate running. Not an overall extensive exercise fan. Played sports all through high school and did great, but really hated to overexert myself in general for any other reason. I suppose that's called laziness. :) I hated it so much that I managed to get an exemption from college PE that involved having to run a mile (yes, you read that correctly). How's that for laziness? Pitiful, but true.

5. I bought my wedding dress only a few weeks after I met my husband. And I was smart enough not to tell him until after we were engaged. :) No sense in scaring the man off too soon, right?

6. I will not leave my house without makeup. I'm serious. It happened once (I'm not sure exactly how) and it was a very difficult thing for me. I have always been very self conscious about that, so no makeup, no leaving the house. Getting married and having to wake up without makeup on was a hard thought...but I have survived, and my husband doesn't seem overly concerned about it. He's only run screaming from the room in terror once...

7. I get motion sickness, and also sea sickness. Unfortunately I discovered the latter while on a date with someone (not Rick, shhhh). Nice date, huh? We were supposed to be deep sea fishing and he ended up watching me lose my stomach contents from the previous week over the side of the boat. Such a memorable day.

8. I am a HUGE fan of board games. Unfortunately for me, my husband views them as "bored" games. Not so much of a fan is he. I am rather competitive and will play when given the opportunity. Don't like to lose. And I really dislike bingo....because there is no possible way to strategize and win - you just sit and wait. And I don't sit and wait very well. Hard to believe I know.

So, there you have it. 8 random things about me. Perhaps you knew some of them...perhaps not. But now, I will tag a few people to play along...Crystal - are you reading this? Let's hear 8 things about you....and hmmm...Davene - are you up for it? :)


  1. OK, LOVE the new kids shots!

    You and I can't be friends until you learn to like board games...


    Luckily, I do coffee, without board games...

  2. Ok you surprised me with the makeup one. I was thinking about you today - something you said in your traditions post. I was thinking of this very thing! You are SO beautiful, I wouldn't have pegged you as a gal who can't leave without her "face" on. :)

  3. don't get me wrong on the makeup - I'm no Tammy Faye. :) hee hee...just a little bit to at least cover up the blotchies and the huge dark bags that came so lovlingly from my dad's side of the family. :)


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