Sunday, December 2, 2007

Last minute gift ideas....

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Are you still searching for that perfect gift for someone? Need some ideas? I got a catalog from someone recently and figured I should share some gifts that might be someone...somewhere...

Genuine Leather Credit Card Holder

This lovely leather case holds 32 credit cards. That's right. 32. If you seriously know someone that needs a case for 32 credit cards, perhaps it might be better to refer them to a great financial counselor, buy them a book by Dave Ramsey, or perhaps pay a minimum balance on one of their 32 cards for them. It's also possible that if they have 32 cards, they probably don't need much of anything...what with credit limits most likely maxed on 32 cards.

Laser Hair Remover - Remove hair painlessly!

Yeah. Right. Forgive me for being a bit skeptical on this one. The last time that I bought into the "painless" notion involved the Nads all natural waxing bee product - a lovely item (not so much). Which didn't hurt. HAH! I tried that one and it was truly not a fun experience. Rather painful. Definitely not worth repeating. Needless to say, I am a little bit leary of anything that touts "painless" in the first few words.

Hot Dog Toaster (a real "weiner")

I'm still shaking my head at this one. Yet someone, somewhere has purchased one or two. Someone will receive this as a gift this year - will it be you? Apparently boiling water is too hard. Or using the microwave isn't fast enough. I suppose since I have four children who will be over-anxious to eat (as always) I should probably buy two of them and just line my counter-tops with them. To be as efficient as possible, of course.

Color Wheel

This wheel (and I quote) "spins its magic into your home to add a new dimension to any party. Set an extra festive mood." If your party needs a color wheel to add "life" too it, it could possibly be beyond true help. I can see it now. Christin and her family come over for a rousing night of "watch the wheel spin". WOW. That will be a night to talk about for years to come (perhaps not in the way I would intend it).

Dog Watering Bowl

A pint-size puppy potty. Luv-lee. Just another toilet for my children to play in, I suppose. Or try to drink from themselves. Nice. Sorry, Dad. Charlie will not be getting this for Christmas.

Reindeer Car Decor

Alerts everyone to your Christmas spirit. No one can miss this set mounted to your car, van or truck. don't need tools to attach them! This might be worth buying just to see what Rick's reaction would be. The kids would love it for sure. It will also go nicely with the wreath mounted on the front of our van...hee hee...

Hair Umbrella

This is my personal favorite by far! An essential tool for the home stylist in each of us. If hair cutting time in your house already isn't difficult, I'm sure that this little tool won't add to the embarrassment of having your mom be the one cutting your hair (as happens in our house). I'm sure this won't bring any obvious stares or looks when it is worn. Of course this would be a lovely addition to your household if you already own this great tool.

So, there you have my list of Christmas recommendations. :) Yes, there are more, but I will spare you the pain and agony. It just amazes me what people will sell, try to sell, and worse, buy.


  1. These are hilarious...especially the alien hair catcher! I laughed out loud at the dog watering bowl.

    thanks for the laughs!!!

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. These cracked me up.

    but I have to say, I'd be seriously tempted to buy the Rudolph Car garb. My girls would Looooovvvve it. We saw it on a car last year and Charis about peed herself, she was so excited.

  3. Ok, I saw the antlers and little nose on someones car TODAY! Though it looks cute I really do have better things to spend my money on. As for the other things... that hair thing scares me.


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