Sunday, December 2, 2007

Men in Tights

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Every now and then Laurianna becomes fascinated again with ballet, ballerinas, etc...and will spend the day in her pink leotard dancing to music all day. She's never had a lesson of any kind, but has a book on ballet that she loves to look at. I caught her in the living room the other morning reading the book again.

McKenna decided to join in the fun too, so she quickly dressed up in another leotard.

Which left Zachary. Without a dress.

Try as we may, convincing him that boys don't wear dresses...not working so well. Fortunately he's young and we still have time. But with two older sisters trying to look like a fairytale princess, it's not easy. After seeing the girls dressed up as ballerinas he started crying and wanted a dress too. Sigh. Rick happened to look through the ballet book and found some male dancers wearing whatever it is that male ballet dancers wear and showed it to Zachary. It's a little easier when you have pictures to back up your proclamations. :)

A tshirt and a pair of tights later...not the ideal get up, but to Rick it's better than a dress...Zachary was able to help spot his sisters in their dance positions. We have our own little troupe in the making.


  1. I have TWO little ballerinas here and i HAVE to know what book that is!!!!

  2. Absolutely hilarious!

  3. C'Mon Jolanthe, it's not like wearing a dress will scar him in the future.

    I remember a brother, that will remain unamed, looking pretty cute in your makeup and attire.

    Mom still has the pictures that would really add to your blog ;-)



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