Monday, December 17, 2007

From the Backseat...

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On our way to visit a live nativity the other night, McKenna piped up from the backseat, "We need gas!" After explaining that we didn't need gas, Zachary added his two cents.

"I've got gas. It's in my seat. It's in my booster. I tooted!"

*****Addendum: :)
I remembered the other thing! Amazing as that is...

The kids were all getting their jackets on the other day and each of them (except for Zachary) has a heavy winter coat and a lighter weight winter coat. The girls each put their lightweight jackets on and Zachary was not too happy that he had to wear his:

"This is NOT a lightweight jacket. This is a DARKweight jacket!

(so while he might not have the correct opposite, at least he is understanding the concept!)

That's all that I have for this week - I know that there was another thing too, but our computer is apparently taking after Christin's and is on the fritz. So, if I am a bit sporadic over the next little bit, please forgive me (never mind the holidays are coming up too!). Our computer screen is blacking out at times and it makes it a bit difficult to get on the internet when you can't see a thing. :)

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  1. love the jacket comment. so cute

  2. Atta boy, Zach! :) I have a feeling that kid will keep you on your toes with his funny comments over the next "few" years.

    hope your computer feels better soon. Maybe Jet should come and take YOURS apart too? :)


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