Friday, December 28, 2007

Just had to post

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Not that there isn't anything exciting to post, but when you don't post for days it seems that your mind goes BLANK!! What do I post about? My mind is on vacation at the moment, but I do have some fun things to post that our kids have said. No. They never stop talking, so truly there IS always something to post.

McKenna was opening presents from her grandparents (mind you, they were visiting us and watching them open up gifts). She'd already opened some fun games and then opened up a beach towel that was embroidered with her name. As she took it out of the box, held it up, and looked at it, she said, "It's just a TOWEL?" Sadly, we all laughed. And she was thrilled two seconds later when she found out it had her NAME on it...and then carted it around the entire next day and used it as a blanket. Oh, the gratefulness is oozing from her.

Last night we as we sat down to eat dinner, Laurianna had been singing the praises of that evening's dinner - a pork and mashed potato casserole. After she took her first bite, she got a funny look on her face, scrunched it up, looked at me and asked, "Is this horse meat?" Yes. We're out of beef and pork, so we used the next best thing. Sigh.

I'm sure I'll be posting more soon. I'm missing all of my bloggy friends, but enjoying the time with the kids.


  1. How funny! We will have to try some horse meat ;)

    I LOVE your new photos of the kids...they are beautiful...every single one of them!

  2. i'm lovin the new pictures of the kids- they are so good! :)
    and, i think i'm understanding your love for coffee even more- when i saw a comment on my page from you at like 4:58AM- AM- did i mention that, you know like morning time!!!! You must need lots of coffee at that time of day!
    xoxo caio

  3. Beautiful photos of the kids! I love them...apparently everyone else does too! Glad to find you!

  4. LOL! Horse meat!

    I'm still laughing...she's too funny.


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