Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Swaying Tree

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A friend emailed me this morning to say she was driving by our house last night and saw our tree swaying. I assumed she meant the half-dead, about-to-fall-over, insect-bored birch tree in our front yard that broke branches during our recent ice storm.

After a few more emails, I discovered it was our Christmas tree she saw swaying. As I thought about it I remembered last evening and my attempt to read a story to the kids.

Sit on couch. Tell Zachary to sit on the couch, not the arm of the couch.

Discipline Zachary.

Start reading. Tell Zachary to stop touching the tree. STOP touching the tree and pulling the ornaments.

Discipline Zachary.

Start reading after figuring out where I left off. Pull Zachary off the arm of the couch while he is pulling at the ornaments.

Discipline Zachary.

Try to read a touching and significant Christmas story to the other kids. Attempt to pull Zachary off the arm of the couch AGAIN and this time succeed in his near tree-tipping over experience as he half falls into the tree.

Somehow we finished the story. But I guess the neighborhood was all witness to the saga.


  1. I love this. Even though I get to hear the story in person, it always is so fun to hear how you word it "on paper". :)

    send me some picts of today? :D

  2. Oh...3 year olds...oh with you girl!

  3. Hmm, do I sense a theme here??? :) Sounds like something my little David might do. For some reason, Josiah likes to actually sit quietly and listen to story after story...but not David. No, he's usually up, being much! :)

  4. It sounds like Zachary has the same medical condition as our son, Christian....sadly, Christian is allergic to chairs. ;-)

  5. As the friend that saw your tree swaying, thanks again for the laugh :) and at least I know my kids aren't the only ones!


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