Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Packing List

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So, at first I had a nice little list of stuff to bring. Just for me. Because for once, I am not packing for 6 people going on vacation. A lovely thought. Or so I thought. :)

Today, I got a phone call from someone (don't worry Christin, I'm not talking about you :) who needed things from the infant nursery at church to have things for the babies at retreat. Trouble is, I know they don't have half of that stuff in the infant nursery. But I do. Sure there are probably other mothers who have it, but I think it's easier to bring it myself rather than find the time to call all the other mothers and dump it on them. Is that so bad?

Not really, except now I believe I will be filling up the trunk of my friend's car (since our engine light just went on in our car and needs to be checked out before I drive it a few hours away only to discover I might just get stuck...although, is that so bad?? :) I know that the bulk of the stuff isn't MY stuff, but still...crib sheets, cd players, infant toys, a stroller, there's more, but I can't remember it all...good thing I made a list...somewhere...sigh.

To top it all right now, I am sporting a lovely migraine. They are beginning to rear their ugly heads again. And if you can explain why I don't truly get them when pregnant or nursing I would appreciate it - other than it is a huge blessing from God so that I don't have to take any meds. Of course, I am not pregnant or nursing now - and no longer ever will be (still so strange to think of). It would be nice if I don't get them now though, because 4 kids and a migraine do not go well together. I'm sure you can't imagine why. Because my kids are so quiet and non-active. *grins* Actually today, they have been amazing and Laurianna is now reading to two of the others while Kaleb takes a nap. So they are being quiet. For now. :)

Off to find my list. But I am very excited about this weekend, despite feeling like I am hauling half of my house with me.

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  1. ah, yes. Call up good ol' Jolanthe...she'll do it.

    by the way, don't forget to bring all that baby stuff for me as well. Oh wait. That's right. I'm not bringing her!! ;)


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