Monday, October 1, 2007

Tolerance Levels

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A friend of mine and I got to talking awhile back about trading off childcare for each other one night a month so that we could each enjoy a night out with our respective husband and the other mommy would come babysit at our house, put the kids to bed, etc.... Our main concern (we do have a GREAT babysitter) but all of our kids are pretty active, crazy, over-the-top know? We figured it would be great to have another mom who is used to a busy house (so that we don't scare another poor woman into questioning if motherhood is the right path for her...).

So, tonight the swap began. And apparently her children were swapped for someone else's identical-looking, non-active children. Or her tolerance level for activity in children is so low that I am in sooooooo much trouble when she comes to my house (I have a big smile on my face, Leanne!!). My arrival at the house stimulated the most action I would see all evening (aside from the un-named kitten that kept trying to eat my feet later that night). I'm serious. I know that Leanne is having difficulty believing this. She is still most likely in shock from the report.

Dinner - ever so calm and peaceful. I could actually hear myself think (and amazed myself that I actually have thoughts!).

After dinner - we watched a video. The two older boys sat on the couch in pretty much the same position the entire time. I actually was able to sit on the floor and play with the youngest and relax a little (you read that right). Read a book to the baby, played with him, even caught the majority of the video - it had a plot, etc....

After video - time for bed. No arguments. Upstairs. Brushed teeth, bathroom, in bed. Prayed. Lights out. No one out of bed. No one talking. Nada. Zilcho.

So...either her tolerance for activity is really low, her boys are coming down with a severe case of something, I was at the wrong house...or I am sooooooo in trouble with my kids activity levels....*grins*. When can I come over again? Huh???? :) I am thinking that I got the better end on this deal!!

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