Thursday, October 11, 2007

Help me - I need advice!

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Ok. This isn't a life threatening, must have advice this second, type of problem - well, the sooner the better! :) But I could still use your help/advice/counsel before I put myself in the looney house trying to figure out how to keep Zachary buckled into his dumb carseat (I said "dumb" - but at least I didn't say "stupid" hee hee). I drove all around town today, blindly believing that I had my children strapped into their seats safely before I discovered on our final leg of the trip that Zachary had unbuckled every single carseat in the van before we left on our "trip". And, I only had to turn around and see his chest strap unbuckled at least 4 times. AHHHHH!

That boy is about ready to drive me crazy. He is obviously still in a 5 point harness (he'll be 3 next week), and although he can't unbuckle the bottom buckle (yet) he can unbuckle the chest strap, which he does at least 100 times in any given trip to turn on the light, turn off the light, reach over to Kaleb, reach for something else, or better yet - UNBUCKLE HIS ENTIRE CARSEAT from the regular carseat. I will interject here that you know I'm a mom because at the moment I am having difficulty thinking of the big person words for things - like seats in a van, etc..). He also has a tendency to race into the van and get himself into lots of other trouble too - i.e. front seat business or unbuckling all the carseats of others.

Frankly, I'm getting rather tired of turning around every 2 seconds to see that he is unbuckled yet again and still trying to focus on driving without wrecking since now it would be even more of a mess. and don't think that the words "duct tape" haven't run through my mind...but that would be too messy and complicated. Sigh.

So, that said. How do you keep a 2 year old IN his carseat, strapped in and everything buckled up - safe and sound? Huh?


  1. Have you tried spanking him every time he does it? I'd think he'd get the point if his butt gets torn up on a consistent basis. Better a red butt than a broken neck.

  2. Hmmm. My sister in law had this problem, but I think she didn't have the 5point harness. So she bought one of those.

    Does spanking "work" for him? or is he one of those kids that looks at you like "yeah? is that all you got?"

    He seems to like M&Ms. If the spanking route doesn't work (and it may?)...could you reward him for not doing it? B/c lets face it...he's a boy. and boys like to take things apart. He's not doing it to be bad is he? Or could he have something else to take apart while he rides? ...I just say this b/c my hubby was one who took EVERYTHING apart. He just loved to do it. Still does.... So????

    I'll ask my sister in law (who has three boys...all very loud ones) what she did. And maybe you could directly ask Leanne...I'm guessing she may have dealt with this one as well. ;)

  3. That is...if Leanne isn't the one who anonymously suggested spanking. hee hee


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