Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Come Again?

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You know how you sometimes say something to someone and while it sounds good in your head, it comes out sounding totally different than how you intended it to sound?

Today we had some friends over to visit and both of their children are several years older than ours, but our kids truly adore them - and they all manage to stay occupied together and have fun. The mom has been calling me to try and get together and we were talking about how her kids have been begging and wanting another sibling - be it boy or girl. She is past the point of wanting another baby (she loves them - just no more!!) - her two are in the 6th and 8th grade, so .... she calls me! As she is telling me about the two kids wanting another sibling she said, "When they say they want another baby, I say 'It's time to call the Erbs and go over there for a visit'. Is it ok with you if we come over to visit whenever they ask us about more kids?" how exactly should I take that? Are my children that much of a birth control for others? *grins* I am laughing right now, because I know her very well and know that how it sounded is not at all how it was meant. :) Right, Shernae?

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  1. hahaha that is funny. I just said to my husband that we should have his (newly married) sister over to babysit... that will put off their having kids for a few years. :)


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