Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Zachary speaks...more funnies

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Today I did a big could-have-been disaster thing. I let Zachary take a nap in his underwear. On our bed. Smart, right? I know he has to start at some point, but our bed has had the privilege of having two children throw-up on it already, so what's a little pee (and why they can't do this in their own bed??)...anyway...

After nap today (and I had already checked his pants to see he was dry), he later told us that his underwear had been wet since he peed in them (he's a little overzealous on the underwear-changing thing sometimes).

Secretly I wondered if I had missed something when he got up from nap, but passed it off in my head and thought "It's OK - he slept on Rick's side!! HEE HEE!"

As Zachary is telling Rick that he peed in his underwear he said, "I slept on your side, Daddy!"

That's my boy!

Another one of my favorites from Zachary has to do with our sad spoon - or the spanking spoon. :) The other day when we were shopping we passed a row of wooden spoons rather similar to the object of discipline. Zachary so nicely and LOUDLY pointed out - "Look, Mommy! They have spanking spoons!"

You can read some more kid funnies by clicking on the picture below.


  1. So glad I am not the only one with the wooden spoon...i was a bit fearful of posting that, but hey, that is how we do things!

    That cracks me up - I can see my kids doing that too.

    Love the "his side of the bed"!

  2. I love the spanking spoon comment! My kids have done that to me too! You never know what they are going to say.

  3. So...WHAT did Rick say? I can just see him sitting there, cracking a smile and rolling his eyes while YOU laugh outloud. hee hee

  4. ROFLOL! Well, we shop at Goodwill to keep our single income budget in line. When my parents were here recently, we were deciding what to do together. My 8yo belts out, "Let's take them shopping at Goodwill!" I gave her "the look" and said, "No, what else could we do?" She shot back. "Mo-o-om,...they never got to shop at Goodwill before." Like it's some big privilege, lol.


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