Monday, October 1, 2007

And you googled this because?

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I have a little stat counter on my blogsite that allows me to see where people are visiting from - around the states and around the world. Today I've had visitors from Columbia (South America), Italy, Turkey, the UK and all over the states. I can also see how people got to my site: a google search, etc... If you've read a few of my posts, some of the searches won't suprise you:

- momsense full version
- super why costumes
- what should be my envision for my child in grade 1?
- poop in your diaper
- how do you do quiet time for children?

But my favorite by far - and I'm wondering why in the world someone would google this:

-milk a wooden cow

Well, I guess you would have to google it to find out. Cause I've only ever seen one wooden cow. Might be good to know, huh?

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