Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Our Chore System (Works for Me Wednesday)

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I took a few pictures today of our chore packs and if you would like more info on the book I based it from, you can click here to visit the family's website. Now, truthfully, I didn't read the book (I sorta skipped around) to get the general idea, because I find it difficult to believe that there is truly over 200 pages worth of information on how to do chores. Eventually, perhaps, but anyway...I digress. :) Incidentally, if you want some great tips from other moms, be sure to check out the "Works for Me Wednesday" section of Rocks in My Dryer's website.

The first day I gave the packs to the girls was so sweet. Their first chore was to practice their verses and pray, so Laurianna immediately sat down and held out her hands to McKenna so that they could pray together. That right there made it all worth it. :)

Each of our kids (except for Kaleb, of course…) has a "chore pack" which is essentially one of those clip on name tags that you get when you go to various conferences. Depending on the age and reading level of the child, I either wrote their chores or used pictures. On the top of each chore is a number - so they know what order to do the chores in. They complete the first chore and then take that card and put it at the back of the pack and move onto the next chore. When they are done, they return the chore pack to me. The packs just clip onto their shirts so that they have them with them as they do their chores.

Laurianna's chores include: getting dressed, making her bed, studying her Bible verses and praying, vacuuming, brushing teeth, cleaning the high chair, and some others, including a "rotating chore" depending on the day of the week (clean out the van, organize the closet, etc... ).

McKenna's chores include many of the same that Laurianna has, some not quite as difficult - just more on her level.

Zachary chores are: getting dressed, eating breakfast, getting dressed, pj's away, p/u toys, make bed, vacuum, hug mommy. He's exempt from the extra chores since I have to help him out quite a bit with some of his chores. The first one (in case you are wondering what that picture is – is to put his underwear ON, so it’s a cute little picture of a pair of briefs..which truly was a picture of girls underwear that I had to edit with a pen and colored pencil. :)


  1. Where did you get your pictures for Zachary's chores? They look so nice. I love the idea. I love this idea. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  2. Just ran across your chore cards for your kiddos. I am working on something like that for ours right now...and I am having trouble finding the pictures to describe each chore. Where did you get these pictures? Also...any other suggestions that you have found helpful, I would appreciate too! I have a 9 year old, a 4 year old and a 3 year old. I DESPERATELY am needing some organizational cooperation with the kids!! Thanks in advance for your help.

  3. Jolanthe,

    Just wondering, are you still using these? I have had the book for at least a year now {and I actuallyread the WHOLE thing} but I still have yet to implement it. Just wanted to see if you are still using this system and if so, how it is working for you.


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