Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Being held

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If you have little ones, especially the ones that are just beginning to pull up to standing, you are probably familiar with the reaching arms that greet you as you walk through their door in the morning. Little arms. Big smile. The beginnings of "Mom" being babbled..."mamamamama" and those arms reaching up to you. As you pick them up, they snuggle into you and you know they are completely happy at that moment. And that feeling in your heart is just amazing. The sweetness of the moment. Being needed. Loved. I can't fully describe how it feels to me holding Kaleb - the little movements of his body. The way he nestles his hands under his body and just relaxes against me (with the occasional little bouncy body to show how happy he is to be with me). :)

Today as I was holding Kaleb and reveling in the "this is our last baby" moment, God just spoke to my heart. He does that a lot with my kids. Just whispers a little something here and there to get me thinking (or laughing), but today it was thinking.

His heart bursts with joy when He comes in and sees me holding up my arms to Him, smiling and wanting to be held. When I just snuggle in to Him and am content just to be held and be with Him. Nothing else matters to Him. There is nothing else pressing that He needs to do or move onto. He wants to just spend that time with me and enjoy the sweetness of that moment.

I love that God shows me little things like this (sometimes it's all that I can handle....too deep thoughts seem to overwhelm me at times and I'm a practical girl). Something so simple, but so easy for me to remember and grab on to each day as I open the door to my kids rooms and start a new day with them.


  1. I love how God whispers things like that at just the right moment.

    LOVED singing with you today. LOVE the fact that our three voices blend so well. The first time we all were singing, I about wet myself I was so excited!!!

  2. by the way, SO SORRY for leaving the cup with the gum decor on your counter. I was pulling out onto the road when I remembered. *groan* Like you don't have enough to do without cleaning up after ME. *wink*

  3. I was having this same thought today - my little one is 9 months old and I experience the same joy of his little sweet self.

    So glad God put that on your heart today to share.

    Love the pics of your kids.

  4. I *love* this post because I have a "last baby" too. My Brandon is 10 months old and right at that stage. And I say "last baby" because I thought our third was our last (all adopted). Our foster/adopt license had expired 2 years earlier (in another state, no less). We had moved. We weren't getting any younger (early 40's). And well, we "knew" we were done.

    God had other plans. We got a call from our former agency (in our old state) last Christmas. Our girls' birthmother had another child (newborn) and he needed to come into care. Would we take him? Um,...YES! We dropped our afternoon shopping (which we were in the midst of), drove home to pack a bag for a family of 5 (soon to be 6), and drove 6 hours to pick up this new little person.

    The process (adoption) drags on. But he's here, he's loved, he loves us and God is working it all out. So,...um,...you just never know. ;)

  5. Hi Jolanthe,
    Thanks for stopping by for a return visit. I'll be back again, as I really enjoy your writing.

    As for the turned corner on my blog header, I did it with my photo editing software (Photo Explosion). It was under "edit", then special effects. The specific effect was called "turnpage" so perhaps your photo editing software might have something similar. I also then needed to work with a text box to layer the text over the turned page image. It took some time to figure out, but really wasn't that hard to implement.


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