Thursday, November 1, 2007

Being in Context

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Lately we've been hiding our laughing. Quite a bit. In relation to a certain 3-year-old living in our house. He thinks in his little mind that he is rather grown up, so there are times that he starts talking and thinks that he knows how things should be. He also loves to use catchy phrases. Which at times we wonder where he picks them up - apparently some of them are from me. It's really rather funny hearing them from your children though. I seem to use the phrase "You've got to be kidding me!" quite a bit (when I tried to dispute this, I got the raised eyebrows and "look" from my husband...sigh).

Yesterday we were on our way to church and I was chewing some bubblegum that I found stole from the kids candy bags they got at the grocery store (since we don't let them chew gum - not trying to be a mean mommy, I just don't want to find it everywhere). I was trying to be discreet, but our kids have the best noses of any kids I know. They can smell any contraband item from a mile away.

McKenna was in the far back of the van and starts asking, "What is that smell?" I obviously know what it is and sink a little lower in my seat and attempt to hide from the kids. The kids start piping up trying to figure it out and Laurianna says, "It's bubblegum! Mom, are you eating gum?" Busted. So I turn around and say that I am, to which Zachary then puts in his two cents.

"See, McKenna. It's bubblegum. You GOT to be kidding me." He then starts laughing like he has said the funniest, most appropriate thing. Rick and I just tried to hide our faces and laugh. That little phrase pops up all the time from his mouth and he seems to think that it is appropriate - especially when he emphasizes various words in the sentence. It's not so much that he uses the phrase that cracks us up. It's that he thinks he knows how to use it - and thinks he sounds like such a big boy.

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