Monday, October 8, 2007

Day 1 of my "vacation"

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Apparently I'm taking vs. 12 to heart. At least I feel like I am. My "to do" list for the week has now managed to get itself knocked in half and I'm feeling rather giddy with that. Me and my lists. :) I even managed to take the kiddos to Lowe's (heaven for them) to get some fall flowers and a cap for the water so they don't keep turning it on every day when they go out to play!! (although today they did get to go under the sprinkler again - seems strange in October, eh?).

Today's list:

Floors - done
Blinds - done
Ceiling fans - done
Chore charts - done
Laundry - ahhhhh - done!
Lesson plans - (yeah, I know, no school!) DONE!

...and I even read the new Beverly Lewis book tonight. So lovely..... Tomorrow is another day - full of promise and more time. And I am looking forward to it.

On a fun note, the girls and Zachary were THRILLED with their new chore packs. I'll have to post some pictures of them. Laurianna, the ever "by the book" girl, was rather upset that McKenna was trying to do her stuff out of order - or upset when she forgot to "flip" her cards to the back. McKenna was just thrilled to do it - and Zachary wanted to wear the dang thing all day (which he didn't). I'll post a little more on the chores that they are doing (hopefully tomorrow).

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