Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Park with Our Girls

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Posing for Mommy

Today I took McKenna and Laurianna to a nearby park for McKenna's 5th birthday pictures (and technically Laurianna's 6th birthday - now 6 1/2 years...). The girls wanted to take pictures at first, but the ducks were much more inviting of course! And then we had to take a walk in the woods...and put our feet in the water...and pick up leaves...and look at the know, be KIDS!! :)

These are a few of the pictures that I took of the girls. McKenna is at the being goofy stage (although I'm not so sure it's a stage...). Laurianna is the queen of posing. Seriously. She has it down to an art. The chin just so, the head tilted, the arms positioned...she loves the camera! She has been begging for weeks to go take pictures with me, so today it was (because 80 degrees in late October was too good to pass up!).

Little Miss Laurianna

A not-quite-too-silly McKenna


  1. very photogenic girls! You have some great pictures there!

  2. Cute! we're planning on a photo session here real soon too! The Fall weather is too pretty to NOT take pictures


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