Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hi ho, hi ho it's off to work they go...

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Chores. Do your kids do them? How much do you expect? How little? How well? These are the questions swirling around in my little mind. Obviously chores vary based on your child's age, maturity (or lack thereof...), what actually needs to be done or not done, etc...

I went to a mini-conference this week where the mom talked about chore management and household management and truly I'm a sucker for management anything (sigh). So I sat through a seminar or two, bought a book, and I'm working on a "set" set of chores for the kids. She has a great system that I am in the process of putting together (you can see more on the book here to get an idea on the product). Her household scheduling is amazing too, but even for me a little too much. I tend to get a wee bit sucked in and over-attentive to the schedule, so I amazingly didn't buy it (despite my sweaty palms and fast heart rate).

But I'm curious about your household. Do you have chores for your kids? How do you divvy them up? Do you pay? Don't you? I'm interested in hearing your stories and getting some input from you all, so please post away!!


  1. This is SUCH a good question and I am so curious to see everyone's answer. Our oldest (4) does have some chores that is he SUPPOSED to do..key words there being SUPPOSED to do. Setting the dinner table is his "main" chore, along with being sure to put his things away (ie: clothes in hamper, shoes in basket, toys on shelf...) Turning 5 is right around the corner and we had talked about starting an allowance. Not a chore driven one though. $1? worth of dimes, to divide up in separate jars "tithe", "save", "spend". I've been trying to teach him to make his bed too, like really make it not just make sure parts aren't lumped onto the floor. So yeah... thats what happens around here, or whats supposed to happen, or what will happen?! :) Can't wait to see what others say!!

  2. Uh...? Huh. Thinking. Searching. Yeah. ....I got nothin'.

    hee hee

  3. No payment :) They don't pay me to make dinner :) Anyhoo, I think kiddos need to see that everyone should contribute to the running of the household :) My kiddos feed the dog, empty/load the dishwasher, keep their rooms together, and on major cleaning days help out with dusting and vacuuming. Once I let them off the chain :) J/K of course :)



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