Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 First Sentence Recap

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Last year, I did a year end recap of my blog posts ~ just posting the first sentence of first blog post from each month. Each title is lined to the post itself ~ you know, in case you are sucked in and have to read more! :) Again…I cheated on a couple, because one {or two} were either giveaways {and who wants to be reminded that they didn’t win?}…but it’s all for fun!

When singing the praises of the Hope diamond to your children, one should remember the interpretation of the word "huge".

February ~ Ka-Bub TaDa!

We're trying to get Kaleb to tell us his name and since he knows and says the names of everyone else, we figured he should pick it up quickly.

Zachary was sitting at the table writing and asked the girls, "What's Mommy's middle name?"

Since I was alone for some of our time in Puerto Rico (Rick had to work), it was just me and the camera ~ and self portraits aren't my thing.

Somewhere in the back of my mind there is always the thought that when I have my quiet time it must be just that: QUIET. No distractions. Nothing.

I fell off of Jillian's Shred wagon.

While I'm trying to fall asleep at night I have all these lovely, wonderful and witty ideas for posts swimming around in my head.

In case you were wondering, the back of the Goo Gone bottle is not a place for uplifting and encouraging writing.

Rick and I found a discount coupon for a nearby water park and were debating about taking the kids because of the cost. We had measured the kids to see what price range they fell into and realized Kaleb would be the only one to go at a discounted rate.

Days before we were heading to the U2 360 tour, there was a little back and forth Facebook banter between my friend Crystal and me about our excitement in going to the concert.


A reader emailed me recently and asked why I have two blogs and truthfully, it's a really good question.

Well, ok. Really he has changed a lot.

After writing this post, I found a 2009 Blog Recap Carnival over at Musings of a Housewife, so I’m joining up ~ since it was already done! :)


  1. hehe I love all of these yearly wrap ups. I might just have to get one of these up tonight :-)

  2. I love this! I'm gonna have to steal your idea. :)

    "The Goo Is Gone In My Oven" made me laugh. Again. Just like it did when I first read it. :)

  3. Your year end list is a great idea!

    Happy New Year!



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