Friday, December 18, 2009

Caught RED handed

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Zachary kept coming to me, saying his hand was bleeding and I couldn’t figure out what in the world was going on. Everytime I would look at his hand, the red would wipe away easily enough there weren’t any visible scratches, so I would send him off on his merry little way.

Later in the morning I was cleaning up in the kitchen and looked down at the fronts of my white cupboards and saw a child-sized red hand print smeared down the cabinet front. I stopped in my tracks and then a little light-bulb went on in my head.


I opened the freezer and checked the shelf with our frozen strawberries and noticed that the bag was suspiciously open. I hunted down Zachary and asked,

“Zachary. Were you in the freezer this morning?”

His answer?

“Why would I be in the strawberries?”

Busted, boyfriend.



  1. LOL o my goodness!! This is hilarious! Whats funny is I remember trying to pull something over on my Mom about his age and I couldn't figure out how she knew I lied :-P. I actually wrote about catching Sammy today too!

  2. Uh Oh! Someone got caught! Boys...

  3. [laughing] Oops. Let that one slip out.


  4. Cute :) Love the things they say :)

  5. That's funny. I had a similar incident with my 5yr old and a chocolate candy bar. The chocolate face was a dead giveaway!

  6. I thought Caden was the only one who goes around sneaking food. Well, now Cameron will do that with chocolate bars I had for making gifts. He had it all over his face. Caught ya, buddy!

    Too funny!


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