Monday, August 3, 2009

The Goo is Gone in My Oven

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In case you were wondering, the back of the Goo Gone bottle is not a place for uplifting and encouraging writing. You will find things like:
  • Contains petroleum distillates.
  • If swallowed do not induce vomitting.
  • Avoid prolonged contact with skin.
  • Use in well-ventilated area.
  • Do not use near heat, sparks or flames.
Finding out that my two-year-old had poured the entire bottle contents into my oven - well, that takes about 4 of those 5 bullet points and raises some lovely questions ~ and incidentally, when you call the 800 number they are NO HELP AT ALL!! No live operator, but I can leave a message for someone to get back with me in a few days.

Which would be great, but I'm a little worried about the whole "Will my house explode?" issue at the moment - so thanks, but no thanks!

I will let you know that REMOVING Goo Gone is a messy, messy project. Especially when it's the whole stinkin' bottle {although my oven is rather clean now}.

How does one *attempt* to remove Goo Gone from the oven?
  • Lots and lots of towels
  • Lots and lots of soapy water
  • Lather, rinse, repeat
  • Repeat again
  • Repeat again
  • Air it out
Here I sit wanting to use my oven and I'm seriously scared to death to even go there. Worried that if I turn it on, it might explode, start a fire, or poison us all with noxious fumes.

How long do you think I can get out of cooking because of this?


  1. Oh my. You could probably get out of cooking for a couple days at least :) I'd for sure heat up the oven and then let it air out well (with windows open and fans going) before actually BAKING anything in it. If you suddenly stop blogging, we'll all know what happened at least.

  2. Do you have to make it sound so funny? It makes me feel bad for laughing because I'm guessing you haven't really felt like laughing about it much today.

  3. Oh my goodness. My firefighter hubby said that if you're sure you got ALL of it, use it. But if any got down into the heating coil, that might be a problem. I can't believe the customer service was a machine!! You need this question answered.

  4. Oh my goodness! My mom used that once with latex gloves and it ate straight through them! Not good!

  5. Sounds like you need to dust off the ol' crock pot! :)

  6. I would suggest using the Bar B Que or the Microwave for a couple of days, leaving it air out with the oven door cracked just slightly til you contact someone at that company.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  7. Don't you just love little boys?! They're the best! Always something to worry about.
    Up until reading this post, I have LOVED Goo Gone. Let's face it - we mothers of young boys NEED it. However, in the oven ... not so much.
    Hmm...I don't even have any words of wisdom for you. But, I'd not be cooking for awhile. Cold cuts, the grill, and the above mentioned crock pot sound like good alternatives.

    My BIG boy was helping me make laundry soap awhile back - he had the pot on the back burner and proceeded to let it boil WAY over so that the inside of my oven was covered in it. That, too, made for some interesting clean-up and some smelly suppers for awhile. Ugh!
    I guess that goes to show that they never outgrow it! :)

  8. o my! That always sounds like a good way to start the week! Glad to know they will get back to you in a few days!

  9. I am saying milk the no-cooking thing for as long as your hubby lets you get away with it!!!


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