Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Little Scenery for You...

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Since I was alone for some of our time in Puerto Rico (Rick had to work), it was just me and the camera ~ and self portraits aren't my thing.

Translation: Much scenery + my camera = Could be boring for you.

But as I'm looking back over the pictures, I'm struck by how creative and amazing our God is.

The little tiny shells up close and then more in perspective...

And how much He cares for even the smallest creatures around.
(Do you see the teeny, tiny hermit crab I almost stepped on?)

The detail and variety that He gave to seemingly insignificant flowers.


  1. nice shots of some beautiful creatures.

  2. Wow, what lovely photos! I think you did a spectacular job capturing some of the 'finer things'.

    Happy WW!

  3. SO pretty! I'm sure you had a wonderful time!!;-)

    Was it rainy? Or did you get some sun?

  4. You're very talented with your camera. Great pics!

  5. GREAT shots! I can't wait to have a playdate with my new camera :)

  6. Simply stunning and you are right God is so amazing!

  7. God is truly amazing.

    Great shots, makes me pang for the island... Hope you had fun!


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