Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kay-Bub TaDa!

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We're trying to get Kaleb to tell us his name and since he knows and says the names of everyone else, we figured he should pick it up quickly.

But everytime we ask he thumps his little hand on his chest and says "ME!" and not his name.

Until the other day, when he got a proud little look on his face and answered, "Kaybub!"

(just to0 sweet hearing his version of his name)


I mentioned recently that Kaleb is beginning to figure out the times he needs to go potty and I will also preface this by saying one would think that I would know better than to leave a naked two-year-old alone in the house and then turn my back to run water in the tub.

Surely at some point in my parenting life the consequences of that oversight should have made an impact on me to never do it again.

Because we all know that the sound of running water can have a certain effect on little boys.

And yet I turned my back.

Only to be greeted several moments later with Kaleb shouting, "TA DA!", so I turned around to see what was so wonderful it deserved praise.

Kaleb stood next to the potty pointing proudly to the floor. And while I'm happy he is figuring some things out, I'll be happier when I can be proud it is IN the potty.

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  1. so funny! i think i could write a whole blog just on potty training humor!

  2. Ta da! That is too funny. He's getting the hang of it lol! Besides, I have some GROWN boys who still seem to miss sometimes. :)

  3. Oh, I knew where the potty story was going. Boys take great pride in their ability to potty on absolutely everything!

  4. I love hearing out the new words come out of LOs. I was cracking up at the bathtub story.. ohhh that has happened at our house. I was just thankful it was not on the carpet :-P

  5. Ta Da! LOL! So cute and I can appreciate it because we are potty training. Elli peed on top of the kitchen table tonight, about a nano second after she yelled, Peeeee!

  6. Glad he's figured out who he is! And that TaDa is too cute!

  7. LOL...yes, IN the potty would be nice, huh?

    So stinkin' cute!


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