Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Homeschool Snow Break

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Snow isn't something that generally accumulates for long where we live, so ANY snowfall is met with squeals of excitement and kids wondering if they can play outside constantly. This weekend we had almost six inches and there is a great kid-sized hill right behind our house ~ perfect for sledding.

As we were sitting doing schoolwork this morning the kids kept asking, "When can we go sledding? Can we go now?" I had our day all planned out and was prepared to stick to my plans and then realized the snow isn't going to be here forever ~ the schoolwork can wait! So Mommy declared a ‘Snow Break’ and we all trekked outside to enjoy the last little bit of it!

And after all is said and done ~ and the pictures are uploaded to the computer, how could I have even THOUGHT of making them stay inside instead of having them sled without a sled…


or watching someone step out in a brave and daring new way…


Or just looking so lop-sided cute, you want to kiss him?


Or seeing cute little pinchable pink cheeks…


And realizing that they are growing up way too fast right before your eyes…


An hour just isn’t enough, really. Next time, it needs to be a whole day.


  1. You're lucky. Up here in our part of MI we only got light flurries. NOTHING!!! Not even worth mentioning. My kids want snow so bad.

  2. yay! Looks like a great snow break! We have been enjoying the snow as well!

  3. Looks like a really fun time. Your pictures are beautiful.

  4. I def think you made the right call. Gotta seize the day and the snow while you have it! Looks like a wonderful time for all!

  5. Jolanthe,

    I agree with your thinking. Time created memories with our beloved children is the best way to spend the day! I love your precious pictures and believe they learned so much more than you can imagine that day! You're one great teacher!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  6. Loved this post. I am a mommy to two tiny ones & am realizing with every passing day the time is going so quickly! Cherishing the moments!

  7. I'll tell you - sledding with out a sled is best done on your back, with your hood up, knees to your chest, arms around your knees, and have someone push you off on your way. MAN! you just bullet down those hills then! but REMEMBER to have your hood UP! LOL - snow is cold going down your back!


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