Tuesday, December 1, 2009

He Hasn’t Changed One Bit…

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Well, ok. Really he has changed a lot. But as I was going through some of the pictures from Kaleb’s birthday party last week, one of them just made me laugh and reminded me of a picture from a few years ago.

There's just a common thread between this…


and this..

Kaleb First Birthday 052

The little man most certainly has a love for cake. Chocolate cake to be specific. Granted there is a lot less mess in the top picture {well, initially there was…}, but that boy knows how to savor every last little morsel of what he loves.


  1. Who loves chocolate cake more than this guy??!! Those are hilarious photos!!

  2. good to the last morsel. happy birthday big chocolate man!

  3. You Kaleb and my Caleb would get along just fine!

  4. How cute is he! Adorable!

    I just posted about my birthday boy today too! He requested a chocolate cake and boy did I deliver! Sugar rush for sure!

  5. hehe love it! That's how I look like when I eat chocolate cake too :-)


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