Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How Much Are My Kids Worth?

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Rick and I found a discount coupon for a nearby water park and were debating about taking the kids because of the cost. We had measured the kids to see what price range they fell into and realized Kaleb would be the only one to go at a discounted rate.

Me: Laurianna would be $38, McKenna would be $38, Zachary would be $38, and Kaleb would be free.

{unaware we had someone listening nearby who had obviously not heard the entire conversation...}

McKenna: What? You're not thinking about selling us for $38??? And Kaleb is FREE??


McKenna and Zachary were in the bathroom washing their hands and talking to each other.

M: Did you know that there is a part of your body that is as long as a school bus?

Z: What?

M: Look at you! You aren't as big as a bus, so I don't know HOW there could be something inside you that is as big as a school bus. That is just crazy.

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  1. I'll take one Kaleb and one McKenna. That is so funny. You scare the poor child!

  2. hehe only $38 that's a good deal! Wow I didn't realize that the water park as that expensive!!

  3. me - got a calculator and convert that to our currency.. very expensive for a waterpark. very funny though. mckenna is worried. :)

  4. I always wondered why it was so expensive to get in to a water park. I mean they just add chemicals and water and the equipment is basically self maintained. Pools and slides!

    Gotta wonder if we all shouldn't be in the water park business.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. Oh the poor gal thought she was only worth $38...and her little brother was a "throw in" :)

    Happy TTT - they crack me up!

  6. Go during Twilight Hours or get 4 more people to go with you and get a group rate ($19/person) for a 4-hour pass. Four hours is plenty of time.


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