Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Santa Gets NO Cookies!

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cookies for Santa
We were getting ready to put out cookies and milk for Santa on Christmas Eve and Kaleb came into the kitchen and started talking to me:
K: Santa gets NO cookies! They’re OUR cookies. He has his food.
{a little possessive of all those yummy cookies we were baking…}
Later Kaleb came back into the kitchen and pointed to one of the cookie containers on the counter.
K: Santa can have those cookies.
Me: Why those?
K: ‘Cause I don’t like those cookies. I like these cookies.
Poor Santa…
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  1. LOL that is too cute!

  2. So, how did "Santa" like the cookies she (I mean HE) was left with...

  3. You know as long as Santa gets one, I am sure he is happy! Gotta love that he loves your cookies!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. This is a good one Jolanthe!!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and have a fun New Year's Eve too with your family!!

  5. Oh, Kaleb! When I first started reading your blog, he was just a baby; and now he's talking--and saying such funny things. I love it!

  6. At my house the kids ravaged the fridge, leaving every thing imaginable for Santa (what if he wants a sammy? what if he wants pie?). And then I got the most heartbroken faces when it was discovered that I did not get any celery for the reindeer. We made do with a pear, but still - there was no question it was insufficient.

  7. Adorable! We were so busy on Christmas Eve this year that we forgot all about leaving cookies out. Oh well...maybe next year!


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