Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Queen of the Road

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Yesterday I did something so incredibly fun and exciting. And when you hear what it is…you’ll probably think that I am completely off my rocker.

No, really you will.

I was helping my brother move {that’s not the exciting part} and was in charge of getting the rental truck. And driving it. All 26’ feet of it.

There is something exhilarating about driving a piece of machinery that large. Next to little cars. Down steep hills and then successfully maneuvering it BACKING UP without causing damage to the truck or any other object.

Well, unless you count that tree branch, but since it didn’t complain, we won’t talk about it.

I am proud {yes, PROUD} to say that I handled that big baby well and only wish that my husband would have been around to see me…or that someone would have had a camera as proof that I did it.  I know that it seems like something insignificant, but apparently a big box truck with air brakes…well, that gets me excited.

I’m easy to please…and off in search of someone to let me ride in an 18 wheeler next. How pitiful am I?


  1. LOL you crack me up! I wouldn't have even wanted to drive that big truck! Glad you were able to handle it :-)

  2. you go girl! now - if it had big tires and you were driving thru mud pits - that would excite me!!!!

  3. If that gives you a thrill...oh, you poor thing! You've missed out on so much in life! I think I've driven enough big equipment working on the farm, a nice, reliable, heated, easy-to-use car that starts when you turn the key gives me a big smile and a thankful heart. (And one that has windows that go up and down!)

  4. uh....Barb's husband owns his own 18 wheeler...and lives close to you, just saying.

  5. Oh, what a sight it must have been. Can't wait to read the blog after we go out shooting :-)

  6. LOL I did this once too. It was so weird to sit up so high. Very empowering!

  7. lol, mann i miss you (:
    and im sure the next time you come up here, dad will let you drive his big riggg (:

  8. I can't believe I missed this post! Hilarious! And I completely agree. Recently, a friend had borrowed her in-laws truck for a work event. The unsuspecting girl mentioned she was afraid to drive it. I took over, drove it all around AND backed it into a parking space... I think about that parking space moment about once a week, with glee and pride! LOVE IT!


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