Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fancy Words = Higher Prices

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I’ve come to a conclusion on bedroom comforters and accessories. If the name sounds ‘fancy’ enough, the company feels the need to charge more.

Take for example the difference between a ‘comforter’ and a ‘duvet’. Which one sounds fancier? Which one costs more?

Which one is basically two sheets sewn together that you have to shove another expensive blanket into?

Over the last few months I’ve been looking for a new duvet cover, finding little that I liked and even less-so in the price department. I would find entire comforter sets for decent prices and then a plain and boring duvet cover for double {or triple} the price.

So I gave up on searching for my fancy cover. Instead, I found a comforter set that was exactly what I wanted, got brave, and started pulling it apart ~ one stitch at a time. After the stitching on one end was removed and all the fill was yanked out {and strewn across my living room by my kiddos} ~ the end result is a LOVELY {much cheaper} duvet cover.


Mind you, that isn’t MY bed...yet. But the new cover is on our bed as a little surprise for my husband when he gets home from a work trip later this week.

Surprise in the sense that his vacation time next week will involve a trip to the paint store for some primer and a gallon of paint…to go along with our altered duvet cover.


  1. What a brilliant idea!!! I too have been searching for a cheaper duvet because hubby doesn't like heavy blankets. I just can't see paying some of the prices they want for a blanket..err excuse me "duvet." Thanks for sharing!

  2. oo such a good idea! One of my friends always uses an over sized blanket to put inside of her "duvet." So if you have a Queen bed use a king blanket to stuff it. That way it looks fuller.

  3. Love the look!! Bright & cheery for sure!

  4. That's cute, and a very good idea!

    Apparently my problem is having expensive taste, but not on purpose. I've been searching for a duvet/comforter, for a couple years now. Nothing really in mind, just wanted something that I would like. I've searched high and low, but the only ones I seem to like are from J.Crew, or Crate & Barrel, or Pottery Barn, and the like. Basically, if I can afford it, I can't like it, but if I can't, it's my dream bed set. Sigh...

  5. I'm sure you've heard this many times before, but I'm going to say it again:


    What a great idea to create your own duvet.

  6. Duvets are the norm in England, so you can get them at just about any price range--nice-looking ones too. Problem is when we do decide to move back to the US, I've got to find a way to bring our duvet back with us; otherwise, I'll be trying your idea. I never heard of duvets before moving here, but I love them!

  7. You've come up with a great idea that not only saves money but gives you exactly the look you were searching for.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  8. You're so thrifty. I'm sure the kids had a GREAT time with all that filling. :)


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