Monday, March 2, 2009

What Do You Fill Moats With?

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Zachary was sitting at the table writing and asked the girls, "What's Mommy's middle name?"

Quiet pause while no one answers...

Zachary: You know. The name you use when she's in trouble..."

I had to hide I was laughing so hard. It is so true. The middle names only are heard when they are in trouble...

We were studying castles and moats this last week for school and I was asking the girls for definitions for some of their vocabulary words.

Me: "McKenna, what is a moat?"

M: "The water around a castle."

Me: (looking more to hear 'the ditch filled with water around the castle') "Ummm...It's not 'water around a castle'."

M: Thinking..."Well, it could be chocolate milk."

Yes, that's how the castles were protected. It was the chocolate milk that kept others at bay...


And more questions for McKenna:

Me: McKenna, what is a 'merlon'? (part of a castle wall)

McKenna: OH! That's the guy in the Magic Tree House books!

Yeah...not so much.

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  1. Did you get in trouble by Zachary? I love the merlon story!

  2. Very cute! My kids always give me their middle names when I ask them my full name:)

  3. These little quotes are priceless. Some of the things our kids have said through the years remain as part of our family's special "lingo". Thanks for sharing.


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