Friday, February 27, 2009

Shred What?

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I do believe that Jillian Michaels is out to kill me.

If I'm still alive after 30 days and able to move at that point, I'll let you know if the dvd actually accomplishes something other than a near-death experience.

Because after only the first level workout tonight I thought that I might pass out. I'm scared to death to watch the second two levels - even if I'm sitting down.

Do not be fooled by how simple it looks! It's simply deceptive. And even though your mind may be tricked, your body will be hating you.

And your legs will refuse to walk down the stairs to your basement. Making you wonder if you should just sit down and take the stairs on your bum instead.

But once you get to the bottom, how do you get back up?


  1. LOL glad to hear you made it through the first workout :-)

  2. i so feel your pain - i have made it through two workouts of the biggest loser boot camp!! i could not even walk yesterday after the first one and i am guessing tomorrow will be pretty much the same!! i am feeling pain in places i never ever even knew i had!!!
    isnt exercising fun????

  3. Anxiously awaiting the final verdict. Any DVD with 'Shred' in the title scares me just a little! Ah well. Off to do my Iron Yoga, I'll be joining you in the pain department soon.

    (Just so you word verification starts with 'die'. Fitting, no?)

  4. LOL!! I cna relate I joined a gym this year!

  5. if you end up slim and sleek at the end of the month you have to let me borrow them. pah-lease!

    Afterall, if our fams are going to go the beach together, we gotta be Sand Sistas. and I know that ain't happening if I dont' finally lose this post pregnancy butt.

  6. i am ordering this and doing it as well, jolanthe! keep me posted on your exercising endeavors!!


  7. I have this DVD! man she's relentless. I felt like an old lady the next day and the kids were wondering why was walking down the steps so slow. every part of me was in pain, but it got better each time. :) have you kept with it?

  8. I'm still waiting for mine to arrive... I'm full of anticipation! HAAA... I'll let you know how it goes!


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