Tuesday, February 24, 2009

42 Muscle Bumps

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Zachary is a little infatuated with muscles at the moment - his own to be exact. It is not uncommon to find him wandering around the house, shirtless, showing off all those 'muscle bumps' (as he calls them).

He stood in front of me the other night, bulging those biceps, and after admiring his arms I asked him how many muscle bumps he had.

"Well, three. Or maybe 42."

I'm sure it's somewhere in that vicinity...

Kaleb can be such a little goof lately and I am constantly telling him he is a little monkey. When I was changing his diaper, he kept saying "Not poopy" - which he was.

I laughed at him and said, "You are too! You are such a turkey!"

He shook his head and said "I not turkey! I a MONKEY!"

And that he is!

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  1. hehe your boys crack me up! Can't wait to hang out tomorrow :-)

  2. While I was going to say that Zachary is only doing what he's seen YOU do (with the naked strutted and admiring of self)...I decided against it. *wink*

    Because I KNOW the source of his desire to indulge in this obvious form of Stud Appreciation.

    You let him hang out on Fraternity Row,don't you? Just fess up.

  3. LOL...your boys are so cute!

    We call D "monkeyboy" and he has taken to calling himself that when he is being silly :)


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