Thursday, February 12, 2009

Conversations with a 4-Year-Old

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Zachary sat down with me and about two minutes into our fairly one-sided conversation I was trying so hard not to laugh.

Because he was so completely random...and it was just so sweet.

Here's a little peek into our conversation:

Z: (While looking at some dried roses hanging on our wall)...Mom? What are those flowers on the wall?

Me: Daddy gave them to me when we were dating.

Z: Before you were MARRIED? They are brown. And old. And dried. You should paint them yellow. You need to help me pick flowers when I get married. I'm going to marry Katie (who is seven years older than him).

Me: What about Callie?

Z: No. She's too little. She's a baby. Katie's pretty. Mom? Did you know that turtles walk like this? (proceeds to crawl around my bed showing me) And when they are happy they look like this (insert goofy face here). There is a new kitty something available for purchase now.

Me: What are you talking about and where did you hear about it?

Z: Playhouse Disney. Can we go buy it now? (pause while looking over the side of the bed) You really need to clean these (digging through a bag of Goodwill clothes). You need to wash these clothes.

Trying to keep up with the quickly changing thoughts of a 4-year-old can be tiring...


  1. hahah that's great! If it makes it any better Katie use to have a HUGE crush on Tim. Crystal gave her a hard time the last time we were over there :-P

  2. ROFL....

    still laughing.

    Yep...recognize that stuff.


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