Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What We're Listening to...

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**Updated with coupon code for FREE download of Jonathan Park Vol. 1**

For Christmas we bought a cd series for the kids to listen to while we travel around town called Bible Eyewitness from Adventures in Odyssey - and they have loved it! It has over 14 hours of 'radio drama' that brings to life over 30 different Bible stories starting with Adam and Eve and finishing up with Philemon. There are 12 cds in the set...and the kids were literally begging for more and fussing when we had to stop the car!

The series does an amazing job with the acting and even Rick and I enjoyed listening to them (and some of the subtle humor that the kids couldn't pick up on).

Once we finished up that series (and we will listen to it again in the future) we started listening to Jonathan Park: The Adventure Begins, the first cd set in a radio drama series from Vision Forum that focuses on Creationism. We were a little worried at first that it might be over the kids head, but have been amazed at the questions and discussions that the series has brought up with our kids.

As a BONUS, today through Friday (February 27th) anyone can download the entire first album of Jonathan Park by signing up for a account (it's quick and painless I can assure you). That's over 5 hours of some great entertainment for your kids - for FREE!

Here's the coupon code for this great freebie:

Jonathan Park vol. 1 coupon code: JONATHANPARK

Follow this exactly (trust me!!):

Once your account is created and you have logged in, follow these instructions exactly - without adding anything to your cart:
  1. Click on the "cart" link in the top right corner
  2. On the cart page you will see a field on the right underneath the "Redeem a Coupon" Heading
  3. Enter the code "jonathanpark" - without the quotes
  4. Enjoy the FREE Jonathan Park downloads that have appeared in your cart
The download is extremely popular, so the server might be a little slow, but keep trying. If you aren't able to download it right away, it will stay in your cart for you to download later. Behemoth also offers daily freebies, so be sure to check them out for other great products!

And to sweeten the pot even more, there is a contest for $50 in Behemoth products. You can read more about that at Life in a Shoe.

Just wanted to let you know some of the great resources that we've found and are really enjoying!


  1. we love odyssey!! i listen to it on the way to work all the time!!!

  2. Tim's sister still loves Odyssey.. Sounds like a great CD to have for the car rides :-)

  3. Check out my blog for a free download set of the Jonathan Park series!

  4. I love me some Adventures in Odyssey [smile].


  5. Congrats - you won the giveaway in this post!
    Email me for your gift certificate code to claim $50 in free Behemoth downloads.
    call her blest at gmail dot com.
    No spaces, you know. :)

  6. Jo, you SO OWE ME! LOL! Congratulations!


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