Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Removable Chalkboard Panels

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Right around Christmas I visited a friend who had a beautiful chalkboard that she made all by herself using some lovely chalkboard paints and excess molding and all that great stuff. And I was all ready to make one for myself.

Except that I didn't want to be a crazy-crafty and all.

Instead I found some LOVELY Peel & Stick Chalkboard Panels from Wallies. And they are WONDERFUL!! There are 4 in a pack and each piece is 9" x 12". You can put all four together in any direction/shape you want and make your own chalkboard. I bought two packs so that I had a total of 8 panels to work with.

The best part is they are removable, reusable and will stick practically anywhere. On the fronts of cabinets, walls, etc... They don't leave any residue on the walls and if you get tired of them, you can move them somewhere else without having to repaint or patch holes. I am loving them.

*** A little update for you all - a few people have asked if there is residue left over on the squares when you clean them. There isn't! :) I've just been using a dry paper towel and wiping them clean with that - haven't even used water yet. Hope that answers any questions!***

And not painting or patching or being crafty? That works for me!


  1. oo very cool. I was just thinking about getting Sammy a chalkboard. I might get these instead. A total space saver and easy to move around!

  2. Ooo, exciting! My flatmate and I have been looking for something of this sort!

    Question: Do they erase completely? Or have you found you get ghost writing?

  3. I've seen them in person (at her house) and they REALLY are amazing!

    Jo, I know you answer people's comments personally, but can you answer the chalk-residue question on here for all to see?


  4. Amanda - no ghost writing! :) I updated the post to let other's know, but I just clean them with a dry paper towel and they clean up great!

  5. I have been trying to figure out where I could fit a chalkboard in our house. I was leaning toward... outside on the fence. I might have to get some of these for inside :) Thanks.

  6. where did you find them?? did they have dry erase ones too???
    so where does the big dry erase board you bought fit into this??


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