Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Slather on the Vicks!

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Since it's a lovely season for getting colds, and my kids seem to be rotating through the cough cycle, I thought I'd share a little something that has helped during the nights when the kid's coughing is enough to keep them (and us) awake.

Slather some Vick's Vapor Rub onto your kids feet, put some socks on their feet, and the coughing stops (or goes to a bare minimum) within 15-20 minutes. I didn't belive it would work as well as it does, but we have a big ol' container on hand now and put it on before bedtime if they've been coughing a lot. My mom will even vouch that it works for adults too.

So, if your kiddos are coughing like crazy, try it out! I'm so glad my friend passed the tip along to me and the kids don't mind since they think it's a giant tickle-fest.


  1. I have actually heard about this from a mom of 5. I forgot about this tip until I read this. I will try it, thanks for the reminder! I heard the feet absorb everything.

  2. This is a great tip, it work wonders!

  3. Works for me every time!

  4. yet another one of those times where you find out your mother was right all along....

  5. That is so funny you wrote this. I just heard it from someone else (and it wasn't for the kids.) Mental Note: Add Vick's rub to the shopping list.

  6. I'm sorry... did you say put in on their FEET? hmmm.. wow

  7. i'm trying this out tonight. the husband to be has been coughing non-stop; thank you for this wonderful piece of advice!!



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