Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Have a Dream...

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That somehow, someway my email would just sort and delete itself appropriately.

It's overtaking my inbox.

I do try to go through it often and delete, sort, etc...but I'm somehow getting ridiculous amounts of email (and I love each and every one of you).

But I need some suggestions.

How exactly do you sort and manage the ferocious beast? Do you thrive on having it completely empty. Have over 500 emails?

Share your tips - please!!


  1. Okay.. so I strive to keep my inbox empty. If it is in there then I need to respond to it or take some action for it. Like when I get the electric bill email it stays in there until I pay it. I would say about 80% of the time its empty.. I use gmail so I have labels and then I archive them to get them out of my inbox.

    For work I use Outlook and I have a bunch of folders and move stuff I need to keep and delete the rest. I hope that helps.

  2. I get about 20 or more emails a day, which i check in the morning. Email I want to keep go in folders, the rest get deleted. If I had hundreds of emails to go through - I think I'd get a new email address :)

  3. I have 2 emails. One for junk mail and one for mail I really want. If I need to give my email on a website, I give my junk account. I get 500 emails a day on that account. I go through about once a week (ok, once a month) and delete them all. I like that one empty.

    My account that I use and check regularly is not empty. I have gmail and it's easy to sort and save mail. I like that I can search through old mail too.

    If it's not something that I am interested in reading right away, chances are it's not important and can be deleted.

    That probably wasn't helpful at all. But hey, here's another email for your inbox. :)

    Happy sorting. ;)

  4. I keep up on which emails I've read, but my Gmail inbox has thousands of emails still in it. There they remain, forever. I really should use the fancy "archive" feature... but I just don't have time. I delete the emails that I've totally dealt with, but there are many that I hold onto just because someday I might actually want to remember that sweet comment from whomever...

    So, I don't know: Perhaps having three gigs of space for emails isn't helping me keep my life organized and clean... [smile]


  5. I'm with Lindsay, I try to keep my inbox clean.

    But with so many nice people writing such flattering things about me, it's nice sometimes to have quick access to them. You know, a little pick-me-up during the day. So I try to keep my inbox small, but stuff that needs attention right away gets a gmail "star" and stuff that's just nice to have around doesn't. If my inbox swells bigger than my screen, it's time to push stuff into the archives. It's so darn easy with gmail to find stuff. ...Google is taking over the world, and you know, I'm okay with that.

  6. I currently have 706 emails in my inbox. I'm obviously no help at all so I'll be quiet now. :)

  7. I like my inbox clean. For my regular email (not gmail), i have a few folders - homeschooling info, saved info, memberships, etc. I just started making folders for things I didn't want to delete that were sitting in my inbox. (recipes..etc) I put the email in there so it is filed away.

    If it is jsut conmmunication from friends, family, etc, I leave it in there until I "deal" with it. Meaning - answer it, write back, check the date...etc. Then I delete it or add it to a folder.

    I probably have about 10 at the bottom ("dated over a year ago) that are just things I wanted to save and didn't have a folder for. Should print them...

    Gmail gets more "clogged" as it is the blog post comments. I delete them as I answer them (if I get to) or visit the persons blog. I like to keep it under 30.... :)

  8. I LOVE an empty box...and on occassion, I delete something I need, but oh well. Same goes with real mail. Walk to the mailbox. By the time I'm in the house, the cc offers are ripped up, the junk mail IMMEDIATELY is in the can, the bills are in a basket. DONE. I am a freak.


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