Thursday, February 5, 2009

Reflecting His Heart

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In a book I'm reading, The Mentoring Mom: 11 Ways to Model Christ for Your Child, there are several questions at the end of each chapter for "individual reflection". Normally those are things that I tend to gloss over. Avoid. Move on.

Because that requires me to shift into "think" mode. Dig a little deeper. And sometimes digging can lead to a whole big, fat mess. Stuff can go flying everywhere...and well, it just might not be pretty. Mainly meaning I might not like what I see when I get down and dirty.

But I'm pushing myself to reflect. Not just skim the surface. Pay attention and perhaps actually apply something. A novel idea, I know.

There have been people in my life that I would definitely consider a 'mentor' to me, and thinking of myself as a mentor to my children is a bit strange. Even though I know I am - and have such an incredible opportunity to leave an amazing mark on my children's lives. I know that in my own life, my mom has been a huge mentor to me...yet transferring that idea to my children and myself seems different. Maybe because I know myself and sit here thinking 'seriously'?

The thought scares me in some ways. Because it reminds me again of the gravity of my influence over my children. An influence that can either be positive or completely crush a little spirit.

Children learn through imitation and that thought makes me wince at times. Do I want the habits that I have, the attitudes that they see to be reflected in their lives and stamped on their hearts? Ouch. Truthfully there are some areas that I would rather they quickly forget. Some that I hope to see continued on in their lives.

But mostly I truly pray that my life, my attitude, and all that is in me is an example to them of Christ. That I am a reflection of Him and that His heart and His image are what they see and the mark that is left on their lives.

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  1. Also, a good reminder for me. I look at how I act sometimes and definatly would not want David to imitate that part of my example. (Also, I saw you linked the "TOTally Working for me" post with David to your homeschool site. :) )
    And although it has nothing to do with any of this...I have another prayer request this time to you or anyone reading this comment. My husband just received this from a prayer e-mail chain he gets...

    URGENT: a 19 yr old is scheduled to have an abortion Friday Feb 6th. She has no support. Parents with whom she lives have told her she has no home if she does not abort. Her boyfriend has said he'll leave her. She appears to want to have the child and put it up for adoption. The woman who called me said she wasn't able to give her as much help as she'd liked. It is in God's hands. Thank you Kathi


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