Monday, April 14, 2008

Update on Callie (11 am Monday)

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I spoke with Crystal a little this morning. At this point they believe that Callie has infant botulism. They have to wait on lab results, but need to treat it right away. It is very rare - only about 100 cases in the US a year, so the antidote is being flown in from California and they are waiting on that.

Callie has little/no muscle control right now. She has a feeding tube and is able to get breast milk via that, so they are happy about that. She is still very weak, not able to cry well at all - and basically waiting for the treatment. The biggest concern and thing we need to pray for right now is that she does not need a respirator. She is breathing on her own right now which is very good.

Kee and Crystal know that you all are praying for their family and appreciate the prayers and care so much. Continue to pray for God's healing over little Callie - a quick, quick recovery - beyond what the doctors might say or predict.


  1. I have never heard of that but just read that most babies do recover. I'm praying for a fast recovery and peace for Kee and Crystal.

  2. Hi Jolanthe,
    It's Emily (Reynolds) from SCS...Can't remember how I stumbled on your blog, but I stop by a couple times a week to visit. Can't find your e-mail though....Would love to chat!

  3. Thanks for keeping the updates, Jolanthe. I'm referring people to here when they email me asking for an update. xo

  4. wow, it's good that she's expected to recover, but how awful to have to go through that. I'm praying here in NJ.


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