Monday, April 28, 2008

Mildly Distracted...

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I mentioned a few posts back that I had given up lists.

And much to my dismay realized that I SHOULDN'T have given them up.

The lists are back. They've been groomed. Revamped. And they are looking pretty (eye-pleasing can be good to get one motivated!!).

Last night I worked on my list for today and added some things that needed to be done. Added a few more things this morning. And then I got started.

- Laundry (3 loads) - check
- Water plants - check
- Dust...yeah, that'll wait...
- Change Kaleb's sheets - check....which led to reorganizing the boy's bedroom...
- Put the boy's laundry away - check...which led to another give-away pile (yippee!!)
- RSVP for kids nite - check
- Go grocery shopping with 4 whiney kids - CHECK
- Redo my schedule - check
- Clean out big freezer for beef coming - check....which led to reorganizing little freezer....and the fridge....which led to the discovery of some frozen Amish batter and blueberries - had to make sweet bread!!
- make regular bread - in process
- plan meals for month - that would be as soon as I get off the computer....and if I can sneak it in before the kids get up from nap.

There are other things on my list of things "to do" but I keep getting sidetracked. It's a snowball effect of sorts. Did those things need to be done - maybe eventually, but it just seemed natural to do them now. I suppose that the other things will have to wait til tomorrow. :)

I will post my cute new little "to do" lists. At some point. Because I think they are pretty fun!! And maybe they might just help you too, right?

But now, I am just loving the smell of some Lemon Blueberry Amish bread...and trying to behave myself and not eat half the loaf. It wasn't on the list, but I am ever-so-glad I cleaned out that freezer and found it hiding in the back!


  1. We knew you wouldn't be away from your lists for's part of the Jo we know & love. :)

    I'm great at making lists. It's the accomplishing-the-tasks part that gets me.

  2. Oh my, you sure got a lot more done yesterday than I did. :)

    But I know how it start one project on your list...and than it naturally leads to another...and another...and another. That's why sometimes at the end of the day, I look at my list and feel like I didn't get anything done. Because I didn't do the stuff on the list. But I was busy doing everything else! ;)

  3. How do you stay so on the ball???

    you got some much done...has to feel so good.;-)

  4. wow, you did get a lot done. Post your to-do list soon; I need help. :)


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