Sunday, April 6, 2008

Just Being Random

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Crystal (and Lindsey too) both tagged me recently to list 7 random things about myself. I figured I should tell a little bit about my relationship with Crystal. I could probably base 7 random things just about me and Crystal. I first met her not too long after I had moved here and went out to lunch with her and her hubby (and Rick too). We were learning all about each other and how we grew up, where, know, the get-to-know-you stuff. We soon discovered that we had both grown up A/G girls (Assemblies of God). Now, unless you've grown up A/G and survived numerous summer camps, Missionettes, and well....I'll just leave it at that. :) That conversation led to colleges...where we went to school (or had wanted to go)....and then who we both happened to know and had in common. And we DID!! And his name was Jeff (insert heavenly angels sound here). And from that moment I believe our very souls meshed and we became bosom friends. Thank you, Jeff. *grins*

Where was I? Oh yeah - random stuff (haven't I done a fair share already?). Onto numbering them though now.

1. I got my license when I was 15 - September 23 to be exact. And I promptly lost my license several months later when I was stopped for speeding. That was the first of many speeding tickets - although the only to lead to such drastic measures.

2. My most embarrassing moment in high school involved my entire junior high/high school classmates, a pair of nylons, a basketball, a fated lay-up, and a poor elastic waistband on sweatpants. Let your imaginations go.

3. In the back of my mind there is an ever small faint desire to still get a little tattoo...someday. I am very glad I never got that one that I wanted on my lower belly/abdomen area. Six pregnancies later that would have truly been a scary sight.

4. I have a very difficult time reading self-help or REAL books. If you give me a fiction book I could probably have it back to you in a few hours. But if it is a book of true substance, my attention span goes out the window and I'm off to something else.

5. Rick and I were only dating for a little over a month when I bought my wedding dress. I didn't tell him until after we were engaged, being the wise woman that I am.

6. I have been a home consultant for five different companies since being married. And I am still active in 3 of them.

7. I was adamantly opposed to homeschooling in high school and college. I even did a speech against it in college for a debate class, depsite the fact that my mom homeschooled my two brothers for several years. And now I homeschool my kids. :)

So, there you have it. Seven random things about me.


  1. Did a speech against HS'ing?!

    (Glad to see that God messes with you, too!)
    You do a great job...keep up the good work....

    (and tell me, do AG'ers go camping as much as it appears they do?)

  2. Ahhhhh, Jeff.....sigh. ;)

    I don't think I knew about the license at 15 thing. The things we learn in Random Facts posts.

  3. This random stuff is fun; thanks for sharing! :)

  4. You debated against homeschooling? ...that so cracks me up. And SO sounds like something I would have done. :D

  5. Loved this post! You are so funny. So if you ever did get your tatoo, what do you want it to be of?? :)

    LOL that gave a speech against HS! What a change! You are one awesome mama!

  6. Hehehe.....I remember you losing your license also. It was a beautiful morning on a back road in North Berwick/Sanford. That poor cop was backing out of his driveway to go to work. Work came to him that day :-) I still remember Def Leppard playing on the stereo when you were nailed.

  7. Number 7: I just shake my head in disbelief. I've always suspected you were jealous of our superior intelligence. This really confirms my assumptions.


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